Thursday, May 16, 2013

Astra Roof Parts -

ALNO Product Services the Original Aftermarket Astra Convertible Roof Parts Supplier.
The team at ALNO Product Services are offer assistance in fitting of roof latches, as we see now more and more companies entering the market place to sell Astra Roof Latches and Roof Parts. 

With everyone now fitting latches or modifying the team at ALNO offer assistance / advice on fitting and installing latches. Over the past two months we have seen new suppliers of Aluminum Blocks from different companies one in Brisbane and the other Melbourne based. From initial product testing one of these suppliers Aluminum Blocks Jammed after 22 roof cycles.

Money would of been better spent in terms of dollars spend verses risk or the potential positive out come from purchasing latches from wreckers.

We have had reports of wreckers selling 2nd functional sets for around $100 including GST.

ALNO Product Services the original Aircraft Grade Aluminum Billet fully CNC machined in Australia

Astra Roof Repairs Cost Effective Solutions


  1. I have a convertible astra 2003, today I put the roof down no problem, went for a 30 minute drive but when I came to close it will not complete the process, its starts with the roof boot opening up, the roof comes out but when the back window raises the boot cover does not close and the roof stops in that postion, you can here the motor still running but sounds like its starts to strain a little and thats as far as it gets, I can open it all again no problem, all works ok until you try and close it and the same happends again, gets to the same place as I explained above then stops, I have a good half hour with it but in the end the motor in the boot was getting hot so I decided to leave it, there is plenty of oil in the pump so what could be the problem?

    Please Help as I have parked the car in my friends garage


  2. Hey Keith,

    Thanks for your message

    If you would like to contact Alno ... im sure our team can help you out


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