Saturday, August 6, 2005

Astra Roof Opening

The Team at ALNO Product Services have recently been hit by the yearly Astra Roof Opening with 45 Latches recondition over the last two months 

 The team offers a 2 year warranty on Premium Roof Package Latches, Hose and Oil Package together to save consumers.

The Team at ALNO have been providing services or parts for Astra Bertone Convertibles over the past 8 years from electric windows, hydraulic hose for the the convertible roof along with the Roof Latches

As time goes more and more of the backyard mechanics on the internet are becoming more outrageous with regard to fixing these Holden Astra Convertible Roofs.

With the two bolt method, not to forget the paper clip method or pay us money and we can answer your questions.

To get the latest pricing for Astra Roof your Astra roof parts contact ALNO Product Services today

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