Saturday, November 24, 2012

Roof Stuck Holden Convertible

As time goes more and more of the backyard mechanics on the internet are becoming more outrageous with regard to fixing these Holden Astra Convertible Roofs.

More and more customers are asking for the Superocket solution yet many have run into Hydraulic hose issues bent bolts which are not cover under warranty neither are the two bolt method, not to forget the paper clip method or pay us money and we can answer your questions.

What is certain and guaranteed the team at ALNO Product Services can help you remove and fit the Astra Latches even if you purchased Genuine latches from a Holden dealer. Or we can direct you to a local mechanic that is qualified to reconditioned roof latches.

With regard to getting your roof fixed for $150 how long do you expect it to last from what we understand one of our clients that went for the $150 quick fix is trying to recover costs for damage to the hydraulic system from a auto trimmer based in Melbourne.

If you are handy with a screw driver, Allen key and socket set we can help you out with regard to removing and fitting Astra Latches that are designed to last longer than the genuine parts.

ALNO Product Services Astra roof latches outlast Genuine Holden Parts