Thursday, August 6, 2015

Electrical Discharge Machining: Wire cutting

Wire EDM is another variation which is conducted while submerged in purified water (deionized). The water’s conductivity makes for a great dielectric environment for EDM.  The purified water also works as a coolant and helps erode irregularities in the material.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) wire cutting uses a metallic wire to cut out a programmed predetermined form out of a part. Dies used for extrusions are commonly machined using wire cutting.  Before machining it is important to decide whether we need to start from a drilled hole or from an edge of material. 

A clear representation of Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

On the area that is being machined, the discharge from the machining creates a crater and this will impact on the tool.  The wire can also be angled, which makes it possible to taper parts or create different profiles at the top and bottom.  The wire itself is made usually of a metal such as brass or stratified copper and sits between 0.1 – 0.3 mm in diameter. 
For more information and all your EDM needs the team at ALNO Product Services are happy to help.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cool Utes

Check out this Out  -  Holden Utes.
Holden UTEster
one-off concept car

How cool do they look

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Astra Roof Latches

Broken Astra roof latches is the result of an Astra convertible being open and closed many times or where mechanical components meet there design life cycle end

When you are Convertible roof stops working you don’t need to always replace the Astra roof latches.

There are a number of known issues with the Astra convertible roofs as you can imagine there a limited number of places where you can go to get your Astra Convertible roof repaired.

Identifying how your roof stop working can help in terms of offering a solution or the issues with your convertible roof.

There are a number of Astra roof latches in the market place today
  • Fully reconditioned roof Latches
  • Chinese Manufactured Roof Latches
  • Genuine Original Roof Latches
  • Genuine Chinese Roof Latches
  • There are also 2nd hand version of each type a wreckers or automotive dismantlers
From our records genuine latches last around 2-4 years before failure along with Chinese manufactured latches fully reconditioned Astra roof latches are yet to fail.

The engineering calculation for expected life cycle of Astra Roof Latches is derived from the type of latch tested along with the number of time a roof has been opened there is also another variable that is the number of owners the car has had.

More than Astra Roof Latches

ALNO Product Services offer a complete range of products for the Astra convertible roofs:
  • Astra Roof Latches
  • Astra Roof Hose 
  • Flexible Roof drives 
  • Outer Skins original and Custom 
  •  Inner Skins custom and Original

We are approaching ten years since we started repairing Astra Convertible roofs so if you are looking for an experienced team to look at your Astra Convertible who offer cost effective solutions.

At ALNO Product Services we believe these cars will one day be considered classic cars and we are offering custom modification services to improve the look and feel of the Astra Convertibles


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Astra Roof Latches

For Quality Australian Built Roof Latches, locking devices for your Astra Convertible Roof

You cannot go past ALNO Product Services for value for money

ALNO Product Services have been getting Astra convertible roofs moving for the past ten years

Today 50% of product is purchased by Holden Dealers across Australia and New Zealand

with over ten years of owning and driving Astra convertibles there are not many issues the team at ALNO Product Services cannot fix.

ALNO Product Services Roof latches off a smooth clamp and release

Cost Effective Engineering Solutions - Astra Roof Repairs

Monday, October 28, 2013

Astra Roof Repairs

Astra Roof Repairs

Hydraluic Hose
Hydraluic Oil
Roof Latches
Roof Controllers
Roof Electrical Wiring Looms

Cost effective fully engineered roof working solutions

New Factory opening Brisbane soon


Monday, October 21, 2013

Astra Convertible Roof Stuck

There seems to be some mechanics purchasing Chinese latches and or patching broken hose that is ten years old.

And in some cases claiming that there is a ALNO Product Services warranty.

Please note that only customers that buy from ALNO Product Services are offered our 2 year warranty for TS Astra and AH Astra convertible Roof Parts.

There is only a limited instance where ALNO Trained mechanics are fitting Astra convertible roof parts.  

If there is any uncertainty please feel free to call or get in contact with the team at ALNO Product Services.
If your roof has stopped working and you are looking to get it moving again it is best to call ALNO Product Services in the first instance.

This reduces the risk of any potential damage as many mechanics and or Holden Dealerships have limited experience on working the Electric / Hydraulic roof systems.

For the eastern states of Australia ALNO Product Services Team members can visit your home or place of business and repair your roofs.

For more information about Astra Convertible roofs

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Astra AH Convertible

Alno Product Services is offering new products for the Astra Ah Convertible
For the Opel / Holden / General Motors

for more information