Monday, January 16, 2012

Holden Astra Convertible Roof - Replacement Parts

If your Roof is stuck opening or Closing on your Holden Astra ALNO Product Services can help.

  • The roof will not go back without pushing it
  • The roof will not close and the car just beeps
  • When open or closing the door hydraulic oil leaked all over the back seat.

ALNO Product Services have resolved these issues and many with a warranty.

To keep your Holden Astra roof working when you want it to it needs to be services just like the rest of the car. The more the roof is opened & closed the less it needs to be serviced. In general terms the genuine Holden Astra roof parts / components are replaced every six to seven years. That is to say everyone that has owned a roof for seven years has replaced the latches and then followed by the Hydraulic oil lines. The replacement of these components is due to plastic degradation, in warmer climates the replacement cycle reduces to fives as the rate of degradation increases.

Contact ALNO Product Services for a list of Mechanics or Holden dealers across Australia contact ALNO Product Services

The Team at ALNO Product Services have  Astra TS Latches parts purchased from a Queensland operator.... Warranty not honoured
Bertone 2001 - 2006
Latches worked for 2 weeks and then jammed

Theses latches are only good for parts.....
Bearings seized and Aluminum blocks are broken..... Rest of latch good for parts
Please message me for pictures and the result of fitting these latches
Parts from $10

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