Monday, April 23, 2012

Best Solution Astra Roof Latches

Some of the advice you receive from some of the Automotive forums is completely laugh-able some of those ideas.

Using Jack oil in your Astra convertible or bolting latches together.

What value do you associate to advice if it is bad advice and you cannot ask for your money back ?

Automotive forums are general run by people that have no idea about cars ..... why would a qualified mechanic advertise for free on how to fix your car ...... they don't tell you how to fix your car.... when they can charge you for it.

In most cases it is first year apprentice mechanics on automotive forums trying to make a name for themselves.

Here are some of those results which have resulted in a hydraulic pump failure cost over $7000 to fix - advice from an automotive forum that was for free

The team at ALNO Product services have been fixing latches and hydraulic systems in the Astra Convertible roofs for over 9 years now. When Holden Dealers and General Motors Australia cannot fix Astra roof latches or have issues fitting them they request advice from Alno Product Services on the Central Coast.

Alno Product Services Latches last longer than the Holden Genuine Latches.

If you want your roof to last until you want to sell your car get it fixed at ALNO Product Services in the Central Coast

ALNO Product Services fixed all of the latches shown above we remove plastic parts and replace them with Aluminium and where necessary we use hi - slip Telon Ralon composite for friction surfaces

ALNO Product Services offer a 2 year warranty on all latches if the customer wants one.

At Alno Product Services you can sell your car with a roof warranty - add valve to your car don't destroy it